I have resigned from the CAP Board and will no longer be adding Marines to the database.

Please see new instructions below.   



 You must print this form and mail it to me at the address on the bottom of the page.  


 Please print info as clearly as possible.  I have to transcribe these forms.

Your Last name, first name:

Please enter your mailing address in the box below:

Your Unit (CAP/CAC) and years in VN (i.e. 66/67):

Was your CAP Stationary or Mobile?

Would you like to receive a Newsletter? **

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You do not have to pay dues in order to be added to our web rosters. 

Please NOTE:

Annual dues for calendar year : $20.00

Life time membership:  $150.00

**you must pay dues to receive the newsletter.



Mail completed form to:

Charlie McMahon

32 Brittany Ln.

Glenmoore, PA 19343


Please mail  check for dues


Russell B. Longaway (CAP)

369 Pine St, Suite 818

San Francisco, CA 94104

  make checks payable to Russell B. Longaway, Trust Account".  Add memo note: "CAP Dues" on your check.


Please donít send any checks until the organization squares away the new banking procedures.