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    Received from Brock Young!   For those that were at the 2013 reunion.. the house is the result of passing the hat and raising $705.  

Fred, This is a picture of Le Dinh Tai's house in Hoi An Vietnam. The $705 CAP Assoc gave him was much appriciated. Dick Clark raised close to $800 so about $1,500. was used. The money was there in one week and the house was safe to occupy in a short time. Dick emailed me this picture of the finished house. Indoor plumbing bathroom and all. Tai sent me many emails of appriciation. Dick will bring a small presentation to the reunion in DC. It would be great if you could post this.
Brock Young  



Looking for L/Cpl Don R Chase CAP 2-2-3.  I have something of his I've had for 44 years.  Would like to give it  back.           24 Ap;r 14

Roberts, Darrel  CAP 2-2-1  69/70


For all my fellow Marines, family and friends,              8 Apr 14

                I have recently been awarded a research grant by the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation to write a commemorative history of the Marine Corps Combined Action Platoons in Vietnam. This is an honor for me to write about something I was involved in and have done so much research on. I was not a member of a CAP unit but I did work with some of the CAP units in Chu Lai and Tam Ky areas in South Vietnam. Upon acceptance by the Marine Corps Historical Center it will be published and made available through the Center. This will probably be the last historical account for this part of the Vietnam War and it will become a permanent part of Marine Corps history. I am hopeful that after finishing this project I will be able to do additional research and commemoratives for the Historical Center concerning World Wars I & II and Korea or any other conflicts they ask for.

                I am reaching out through many different venues to find former members of Marine Corps CAP units who served in Vietnam. I am looking for an individualís story and any photographs he might have. If you know of anyone who served in one of these units please ask them to email me at this special email address NOT my personal email address: . I am also asking that no one send me any stories or photos with that first email as I will provide them with submission requirements after the initial query. This is an important project for me and I want to get as many personal stories as I can to go along with the historical record. Thanks for your assistance.

Semper Fidelis,

Gene Hays




Very, very long story somewhat short, I'm an active duty Army officer, and my dad is a Vietnam vet.  Years ago (when I was in grade school...I'm 38 now) I heard a story about him working with some Marines near where he was stationed (near Chu Lai), and I tried to locate some of them (without the internet...imagine that!).  I eventually learned through a lot of cross-referencing that the Marines in question were likely part of the CAP program.  
I can fill you in on more details but bottom line is: I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction to find a Marine LT who lost a leg around Dec '67 while part of the CAP Program near Chu Lai, Tam Ky, or Duc Pho.  Years ago, I was hoping to get my dad a Silver Star, as the story was that he jumped off a half-track to grab the lieutenant under fire, but the statue of limitations for awards has long passed.  Now, I'm just hoping I can find the guy and maybe facilitate a (re)introduction.  My dad has been very active with his old unit, and I know it would mean a lot to him if I could locate the Marine.  Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Please let me know what information you need from me, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Take care,




I am working as a Docent at the USMC Museum in San Diego. Gunny Westmoreland (C.A.P.) also worked here until his passing recently.
He left a very admirable impression here and I am struggling hard to carry on with the work he has imbedded here. If you can help me with stats, authentic history or artifacts that the museum would benefit from, or that I might learn by, I will be in your debt. Wed. of each week are taken by teaching the recruits on T56 all about Marine Corps history and I would enjoy spit shining the C.A.P. units. Also would like to look into having a reunion here. Please write back to let me know where we stand. Thanks again for all you have done and all you are doing.
Semper Fidelis
L/Cpl. Randall 2-7-6


3 Feb 13

  I sure like some help finding any one from my old CAP outfit If was CAP Charlie 2 based at the bottom of hill 55
at the village of Diy-Lock (unsure of spelling) I was there from1966 to 1967 My name is Ron Mahalko, I was a Sgt,
nick name was 'MO" I was with the 26th Marines My E-Mail is
My cell number is 814-659-2144
If you help me in any way ,I would appreciate it, I not good at this computer stuff!
Semper Fi
Ron Mahalko


 Anyone know the status of the Marine mentioned below?

Fred,                       Jul 11

See if you can find any info on  Jim Sellers, Corpsman from Modesto, CA.  Last reunion he went to was D. C. 2003.  He has ALS.  Iíve sent e-mails to the only address I have with no results.  He may not be with us anymore.  If you do find something, let me know.

I just made my flight arrangements for Hawaii.

Thanks, later,   Mike Mullins