"In Another Place and Time:  My 31 Months in Vietnam"


I just published a book
about my 31 months in Vietnam, 17 of which were spent with 1st CAG and the
1-3 (Lima) CAPs.  The book is titled In Another Place and Time; My 31
months in Vietnam.

The book ​
can be purchased on Amazon for $39.95, or as a Kindle version for $9.99.   I
am also selling the books direct from the publisher for $24.95 (includes
tax and shipping).  I have had several requests for autographed ones.  If
you would like an autographed book, the book will be sent to me, and I will
then ship to you.  The cost for that is $30.95, which will cover all
shipping and tax. I can be contacted at:
Email: vietnam.marine@gmail.com
Cell:  623-313-8511

Semper Fi,   Rob Holm