Most of the members of CAP 4-3-3 have not signed onto these sites.  I would like to find the brothers I served with in CAP 4-3-3 and hope by

posting these pictures it will jog someone's memory.

See ya at the reunion.

    Sgt. John F. Kinsey 





CAP 4-3-3, Cpl. Johnny F. Kinsey, October 1968, north of Quang Tri City: I think at this time I had gone completely native.

 I had lived so long in the villages I could ride any conto (water buffalo) and they thought I was one of their own. Looking back on it, we didn’t know how lucky we were not getting shot by our own friendlies. But us good old Southern country boys did our job.


It’s a wonder I didn’t get shot!!


Cpl. John F. Kinsey, CAP 4-3-3 Commander


CAP 4-3-3, Bich La Dong Village, Nov. 1968:  Here I sit with my really true friends in Nam, my 60 and my rubber lady.

 I had just come from a night ambush.  No contact (full moon). Shortly after this picture I got bit by a snake on night ambush….

only in Nam.  To me everything in Nam was out to get you one way or the other. 

I think the reason I made it through was so I could tell all I meet back here in the world to enjoy life to the fullest

 and never forget true friends.


CAP 4-3-3 Roving: Me (Sgt. John Kinsey); Hebert “James” Scott (Scott was a true brother…in the bush, all blood is red. He was a true headhunter and went out by himself every night); New (Kit Carson scout under Scott’s arm); Buffalo Bill (12 years old who was the eyes in the village and made more money than anyone in Nam selling us back our own stuff); La Vet Tron (tallest Popular Force I ever saw at 6’.  His father was a French Legionere.  Tron was killed Tet ’68 at age 16). 


“The meanest thing in Nam” CAP 4-3-3, February 1968, north of Quan Tri An Hung River: Me (Sgt. Johnny F. Kinsey) (the grease gun I’m holding was my day weapon.  I could ride my conto (water buffalo), run and shoot); Gary Fuller; Randy Scott (was a new guy from New York City I never got to know much.  I found it very hard to get too close to new guys.  Now I wish I had); Thor (from Georgia -- another good old Southern boy. Thor and I (both 19) made a game out of ambushes for 13 months and never even lost a P.F.)


CAP 4-3-3, May, 1969, in the bush:

Curt Comstock, Smitty, Pat and me.



CAP 4-3-3, May 1969:  Me (Cpl. John Kinsey) and Doc Millsapp.


Roving CAP 4-3-3 Team: Top row: Me, Sam Guest and Nasty pants (our supply Sgt. In the field);

Second row: James Scott, Willie from Phillie and Robert Ridley; In front: Doc Millsapp and Mike Inong.

 CAP 4-3-3 where are you?


CAP 4-3-3 Saddled up and Ready to go


CAP 4-3-3, north of An Hung River: Curt Comstock, Nasty pants and me.


CAP 4-3-3, 1969: Me and Mike Inong



The enemy – this picture was taken off a body by CAP 4-3-3






“Never Give Up” USMC