This is an audio tape of a debriefing of Cpl Steven Nelson and LCpl Michael Roha who were taken prisoner after Hotel 7 was overrun on 7 Jan 68 and escaped 14 days or so later.    (Turn up your volume because the recording is hard to hear)




Below are some pictures sent to me by Robbie Wright, Hotel 7 .

CAC Hotel 7, the picture of BILL ASPINALL AND DAVID STRAIT was taken Sept 12th 1967, Bill and David was KIA on Sept 13th 1967, Paul Dupree and I [Robbie Wright] was WIA and sent home.



Robbie Wright , Cesar Coronado       Charles England , Roger Marty                         ?? Names




Bill Aspinall, David Strait, Paul Dupree         Roland Pfeuffer  KIA  Jul 25th 1967