CAP 2-2-4 Request


My name is Glenn Smith. I was a Hospital Corpsman assigned to CAP 2-2-4/Charlie 4 from January, 1967 through April, 1967. We were set up right outside of the village of Tam Hoa, just to the west of Hill 65. I am going back to Vietnam in 2009 and I am trying to locate any other Marine (s) who was in CAP 2-2-4 with me at that time. Specifically I am looking for any Marine (s) who was with me on April 7, 1967 when our Sgt., Michael Flynn, was killed. I hope to visit Tam Hoa and perhaps the site where Sgt. Flynn was killed. The pictures posted here are of several Marines who were with me in CAP 2-2-4 at that time. If anyone can ID either of them, I would appreciate hearing from you. I believe at least one of them was with us on April 7th.


I am also trying to contact a Marine who was in CAP 2-2-4 after I rotated out. His name is Steve DeBreau or DeBro. I have a copy of a video tape he made in 1994 from when he returned to Tam Hoa and made contact with some of the people he remembered from when he was there, some of whom I remember too and have pictures of when they were small. I got the tape from my friend Dean Yedica some time back. Dean was in CAP 2-2-4 too, along with another good friend, Gary Bates. Unfortunately both of these Marines have passed on. But Dean and I had been in contact for about 6 years before he died (we attended the 2005 CAP reunion in Las Vegas together) and he said he was not with us that particular day, April 7th. Only part of the unit was at the site of the fire fight.


My contact information is:


Glenn Smith

60272 Dalila Rd.

Olathe, CO 81425

(970)208-3052 (M)



Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer any of my questions above.


Semper Fi- Doc Smith


Unknown Marine (A)-Tam Hoa CAP 2-2-4

Early 1967. I called him “Santana” but don’t think that was his real name.


Dean Yedica on left with shovel; Same Unk. Marine (A) from above, “Santana?”

Again, early in 1967, CAP 2-2-4, We were just beginning to make bunkers.




Gary Bates on left, Unk. Marine (B) sitting, Dean Yedica in hole and “Santana?” on right. Old Pagoda where our “HQ” and my Sick Bay was set up. Hill 65 is pretty far back to the east/right.


Same Unk. Marine (B) sitting in pic above with me, Doc Smith. Probably in Tam Hoa.








Close up of Pagoda across from Tam Hoa where we had HQ and Sick Bay



New bridge that CB’s built connecting our CAP 2-2-4 site with Tam Hoa. I believe I am on the CAP site looking towards Tam Hoa.






Gary Bates, Akron Ohio (Deceased)



Steve Debreau/DeBro? In Tam Hoa in 1994