Pictures and Documents sent by F.J. Taylor CAC Oscar 2, 67-68. 

Photo credits: "Doc John Roberts, Ray Gray,  and other members of CAP Oscar" ?  I don't have all the credits, due  to a crash a few years back, but this will at least acknowledge the ones I do know of. 


26thMarines        H. 861                  Aug67 John R.




Oscar reunion         Barber                  Bru 3                      Bunker


Bunker O-2       CACOOscarGroup                                CPLBoston67  


Dan S.  Trip                                    DistArmyMAJ_&       



DocR_GreaseGun                                                              Doll 


Xmas Card            FOB 3                     FOB3 Bru inspection         FredHarkrider_KS_67     


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