These pictures were provided by Charlie Northup.



Here are the pictures I mentioned. CAP 2-7-4 is the one with the double pillars in the background. Front row (l to r): Charlie Buenrostro, Jerry "Snuffy" Jack and "Brother" Joseph. Back row (l to r): Pete Schmaus, Jack Rhodes, Jerry Russell, Roger Rudinitski and Mike Freeman. Three guys, plus myself are missing from the photo. This was taken sometime in the Fall of 1969.
I was the CAP corpsman from September 1969 until February 3rd, 1970
(I was wounded for the second time on the 3rd and sent to a "safer" unit after I left the hospital in Danang).
The picture in front of the thatched hooch is a 3rd CAG unit, but I can't remember the number. Sitting (l to r): "Doc" Northup, Sgt. Murray, Jordan and Myrtle Hoffman. Standing (l to r): Mike Kinney, Pete Reynolds, Ken Keyes, Monte "Red" Lambert and Bob Adamson.